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Match your versatility as a home cook with the innovative features of the 24cm Woll Diamond Lite Induction Frypan. With its lightweight construction and multilayered cooking surface, you'll definitely have no trouble tossing your vegetables while sauteing or flipping those pan-fried fillets. And when you have to finish your steaks in the oven or bake your kids' favourite skillet cookie, fitting this pan in the oven is just as easy with its detachable handle. Perfect both savoury and sweet dishes with ease with this all-around frypan from Woll.
Key Features:
Features an innovative casting technology to create a traditional cast pan that is lighter and more functional
Comes with five layers of PFOA-free diamond hard-base coating to resist cuts, abrasion, and corrosion
Made of edge-to-edge high-quality stainless steel bottom for efficient heat transfer and retention
Has about 7.5mm-thick aluminium base to protect the pan from warping at high temperatures and to ensure optimum thermal absorption
Designed with a reinforced edge for drip-free pouring and superior shock resistance
Equipped with a detachable handle that lets you fit the pan more easily in the oven, kitchen cabinet, and dishwasher
Suitable for oven cooking as well as gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, and induction cooktops

Construction Squeeze cast aluminium with diamond hard-base coating
Dimensions 24cm x 5cm
Oven safe Yes, up to 250C
Dishwasher safe Yes
Made in Germany
Induction Compatible: Yes