Smoosh Teal Divider Bowl

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Watching babies and toddlers MasterChef an entirely new concoction out of the beautifully plated, original meal you gave them is like that horror movie you can’t turn off. Dunking chicken nuggies into apple juice. Cheese and banana squished in a delightful (not) mouthful. As long as it is in their little belly, not on the floor, job done.
But if you and your bub prefer to have the munchies separated into different sections, we’ve got you covered. Keeping mealtime wars at bay, the Smoosh divided bowl has a wall in the middle to stop food creep. Liquids and solids, snacks and meals, all kept apart. Crafted from BPA-free, food grade silicone, this baby-safe divided suction bowl comes with deep walls for easy scooping and less spilling.