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Pyrolux Pyrocast Cast Iron Chef Pan 34cm
The Pyrolux Pyrocast Chef Pan will bring your culinary experience beyond new levels and delivering delicious results in your kitchen. Made from pre-seasoned heavy duty cast iron that offers superior durability and allowing to retain heat at high temperatures ideal for searing, sauteing, grilling and everyday frying.

The Pyrocast is suitable to use at home, restaurants, or even outdoor camping. Its durable and hard-wearing material allows you to cook with confidence on all hobs including induction and even on campfires.

Measures: 34cm
Made from pre-seasoned heavy duty cast iron
Ideal for searing, sauteing, grilling and more
Durable and solid
Suitable on gaas, electric, ceramic, grill, induction and campfires
Ergonomic handles
Ideal for indoors and outdoors
Gift boxed ready for gifting

Care instructions:
Wash in hot water
Pat dry after wash
Apply a thin layer of oil to prevent rusting