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The IOco Reverse or Backward Umbrella, with designs by Dani Till, not only look stunning with her watercolours on the outside when down and on the underside when in use, there is an added third fused inner layer with a sun safe UPF50 PLUS rating. This means it provides both UVA and UVB protection for 98% of harmful UV rays. Now your upside down umbrella can protect you on both sunny and rainy days. So, whether there is a shower, rain, cloud or sun, you are now shielded from the harsh Australian weather.

This IOco Reverse umbrella has innovative features that make the traditional umbrella obsolete:

Opens in reverse.
- You can now put your umbrella up over a narrowly opened car door as so not to get wet while leaving or entering a car.
- The wet side of the umbrella folds in so your legs stay dry when hurrying into a car or on a bus with your umbrella next to you.

Stands up by itself. Very handy when shopping and for drying when wet.
Loop Handle for hooking onto your forearm, leaving a hand free for other important things such as 'texting or 'Insta'ing'.
Gorgeous designs on the underside of the umbrella when up.

Sun Safe

The majority of skin cancers in Australia are caused by exposure to UV radiation. Skin Cancer is the fourth most common diagnosed cancer in Australia and in 2022, the Cancer Council launched a new campaign, called 'Check the UV' to promote the awareness of the UV Index.

The UV Index is a tool you can use to protect yourself from UV radiation. It educates us on the times during the day that you need to create a barrier for your skin. The IOco compact Mini Umbrella's UPF 50+ sun protection layer shields you from the harsh UV rays and will also keep you cooler from the hot sun while looking fine :)