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The Original Borner V-Slicer is the world leader in kitchen slicers. Often seen being promoted in demonstrations and on television we have it at one of the best prices in Australia!

Durable, highly effective and easy to clean, the Original Borner V-Slicer takes time and effort away from the most tedious slicing, dicing and shredding.Features:
Made of strong, flexible ABS plastic. V-blade is moulded into plastic, making it secure and durable.
Flat insert - which is reversible and allows two different size slices.
Two blade inserts (3.5mm and 7mm) - allows both thick and thin julienne and dicing.
Safety hat.
This set includes the space saving multi-box holder which allows you to store your Borner V-Slicer safely. Storage box may be hung on the wall or stored in an upright position in the cupboard or on a counter top.
Made in Germany
Bonus Rosti Cutter
Dimensions: 12x36cm.