Your laundry will never be the same thanks to Ecoya.

Posted by David Bowring on

What a fantastic idea, when we first saw this new range of laundry products from Ecoya we thought that this is a no brainer! 

Made from 100% New Zealand wool, these Ecoya fragranced dryer balls will subtly fragrance your linens, whilst bouncing about your dryer, preventing bunching, creating airflow and absorbing the moisture of your laundry, hence reducing drying time. 

A few fragrance drops onto each ball will ensure that your linen will come out of the dryer lease tangled and creased but more importantly smelling amazing. The Ecoya fragranced dryer balls come with a 50mL Fragrance Dropper and the Dryer Balls can be used up to 1,000 times. 

Reasonably priced at $34.95 the Ecoya laundry kit comes with three wool balls and a bottle of fragrance. 

Additionally, fragrant linen spray can be purchase for $19.95 and laundry detergent for $29.95. 

Be amongst the first to use these new products from Ecoya and enjoy beautiful smelling laundry.


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