Non Stick Pans - 5 golden rules to extend the life of your pan.

Posted by David Bowring on

The most common frustration expressed by our customers is that their non stick pan has lost its stick! The build quality is a key factor but generally if you follow the 5 golden rules you should get a longer life from your non stick pans. 

  1. Heat - a good pan is deigned toretainheat so don't cook on high heat all the time. By all means heat your pan up but then back it off to medium before cooking. Even better choose a pan with an optimum heat indicator like the Essteele Per Salute pan. 
  2. Clean -Don’tput you pan in a sink full of used water. Your pan deserves it own steaming hot soapy sink full and we recommend using a cotton scrubby to clean it with. Don’t forget to thoroughly rinse with hot water after washing. 
  3. Choose a high smoke point oil – If you must use oil to shallow fry then choose an oil with a high smoke point. The smoke point is the temperature at which the oil breaks down and burns forming a dark layer on your pan. For example, Rice Bran Oil has a smoke point of 255 degrees as opposed to Extra virgin olive oil which starts to burn at 160 degrees.
  4. Never use spray oils on the surface of thenon stickpan – most pan manufacturers agree that oils sprayed directly on the surface of the pan will leave a residue that will create a dark layer or dead spot on your non-stick pan.  
  5. Be kind to your non stick pan - don’t use metal utensils we much prefer silicone or even good old fashioned wood to cook with. 

If you follow these golden rules then you will extend the life of your non stick pan, saving money and the environment, it’s a win/win. 



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